Oberlin in London, Spring 2018

A program focusing on the relation between nature and culture in Britain (with courses in London history and drama as well).

Application: Applications for the program are now closed.

1. To find the London Program in the portal, go to the Programs menu, search for "London," and the Oberlin-in-London Program will appear in the list.
2. You do not need to apply for an Academic Leave of Absence.
3. Note that you will need your advisor's signature on the Application Approval Form (downloadable from the portal), so don't wait until the last minute to make an appointment with them. (Note: if you have two advisors, then both need to sign.)
4. Be sure to ask a faculty member if they're willing to write you a recommendation before entering their name in the application, since doing so will trigger an immediate email request to them, and you wouldn't want that to come as a surprise.
5. If you have any questions about the online application, you can ask for help in the Study Away office, Peters 205.

The Faculty:

Janet Fiskio

Janet Fiskio, Environmental Studies

I am an associate professor of Environmental Studies and Comparative American Studies, focused on questions of justice, expression, and social movements. My research and teaching integrate collaboration with communities and examination of the role of cultural productions like literature, art, protest, performance, and social media in creating spaces for participatory democracy to emerge. With my students, I’ve traveled to Detroit, Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Coal River, West Virginia, to learn from and work with environmental justice communities. Most recently, my students and I have been collaborating with the Mobile Environmental Justice Action Coalition in Africatown, Alabama. I am dedicated to reciprocity in constructing knowledge--to learning from communities and from my students. I am excited to explore London and the intersection of aesthetics, environment, and social change on foot, through conversations, and with my students and co-teacher and mentor TS McMillin.


T.S. McMillin

T. S. McMillin, English

I am a professor of English and a member of the Environmental Studies Program Committee. Much of my research and teaching entails connecting literature to the world around it. I recently participated in the United Nations dialogues on Harmony with Nature and am currently working on a project on literature and the Los Angeles River. In my research, including two books and a number of essays, I combine fieldwork (hiking, river-rafting and canoeing, urban exploration) with literary scholarship to experiment with the ways in which the Humanities can effectively participate in understanding nature and ecosystems. That experimentation extends to my teaching: I have taken students, alumni, and other groups down streams (Green River in Utah, Gunnison River in Colorado, Los Angeles River in California, Mohican River in Ohio, River Thames in England), into the mountains, and around cities. I have been lucky to lead the Oberlin-in-London Program twice and am eager to work with OC students again in that vibrant, diverse, multi-layered, historic city with my friend and colleague Janet Fiskio.


Resident London Program Faculty:

Donna Vinter (The London Stage)

Katy Layton-Jones (A History of London)