Oberlin in London, Spring 2019

A program focusing on the relation between earth science and material culture in Britain (with courses in London history and drama as well).

Janet Fiskio

Amy Margaris, Anthropology

I am an anthropological archaeologist who specializes in reading material culture to learn about cultural dynamics and culture change. Trained in both archaeological sciences and social theory, I teach and publish in the areas of archaeology, colonialism, museum studies, and material culture analysis. I am Associate Professor of Anthropology, occasional chair of the Archaeological Studies program committee, and de facto curator of the Oberlin College Ethnographic Collection. I am also coordinating a campus-wide initiative to increase visibility and access to the many historic teaching collections that are hidden in various nooks and crannies across Oberlin’s campus, and it’s my enthusiasm for exploring ancient things that points my compass toward London. I can’t wait to investigate the city’s millennia-deep history with Oberlin students and my friend and colleague, Zeb Page.

T.S. McMillin


Zeb Page, Geology

I am an associate professor of geology with a research focus in metamorphic petrology and geochemistry of the fluid environment in subduction zones. What that really means is that I am a natural historian who uses the chemistry of crystals to extract stories about the Earth from rocks that have been deeply buried. I have travelled (often with students) to labs in England and Scotland to make measurements on rocks from Catalina Island, Northern California, Greece, and Switzerland. I am beyond excited to spend a semester in London with a group of Obies learning about the history of our planet, through the eyes of the people who first developed the modern version of that story, in the city where they figured it out, on the island that provided them the evidence. I am particularly happy to be leading the program with my friend and colleague, Amy Margaris, and to explore the intersection of our two fields, inspired by amazing artifacts and the geology of the places they were found.



Resident London Program Faculty:

Donna Vinter (The London Stage)

Katy Layton-Jones (A History of London)