Errata Sheet for


p. 18  Exercise 1(b).  The division symbols should be radical signs (*) and the letter rho should be pi.

p. 25  Figure 3.6.  Some of the gray horizontal and vertical lines do not show up.  There are four more located a distance .5 from the origin in both positive and negative directions along both coordinate axes.

p. 27  Figure 3.8.  The letters p and q below the x-axis should be primed.

p.44  In the formula, the second equal should be a minus sign and the second q should be r.

p.114.  The following text is missing at the top of the page:  "6. In Euclidean geometry the limit of a sequence of circles of larger and larger radius can be a straight line.  For example, the limit of."

p.130  Exercise 2.  R should be the reciprocal of *|k|.