The Putnam at Oberlin—2006

How to sign up

Look for a sign up sheet early in fall semester. There will also be announcements in math classes.

The exam itself

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition will be held on a Saturday in early December. The morning session will run from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., while the afternoon session will run from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

We are required to proctor the competition. Hence, there will be a professor in the room throughout both sessions (unusual for an exam at Oberlin, thanks to our honor system).

Our team

Will be determined next fall.

The John D. Baum Prize

The John D. Baum prize, which includes a check for $100, is awarded each year to the Oberlin student who receives the highest point score on the Putnam Mathematical Competition.

Dinner afterwards

The Department of Mathematics will take all participants out for dinner (in past years, it's usually been to the Mandarin) after the afternoon session ends. Everyone who has participated in the competition, even for just one session, is welcome to join us---and there will be ample vegetarian options.

Any questions?

Ask Ms. Wilmer.

Putnam links

Problems from previous practice sessions

Oberlin's recent Putnam past

Year Team Team
Baum prize Number of
2005 Hugh Churchill
Noah Forman
Cynthia Vinzant
50 Daniel Herr 11 10 1
2004 Jonathan Hirsch
Ellen Chai
Christopher Burns
33 Christopher Burns
Jonathan Hirsch
15 9 0
2003 Matthew Booth
Christopher Burns
Jonathan Hirsch
77 Nathan Lemons 9 4 1
2002 Ian Biringer
Jed Davis
Jonathan Needleman
73 Jed Davis 17 9 2
2001 Matthew Booth
Jed Davis
Raymi Dyskant
47 Jed Davis 10 10 1
2000 Tristram Bogart
Raymi Dyskant
David Oertel
56 Jed Davis 15 0 0
1999 Tristram Bogart
Raymi Dystkant
David Oertel
84 Tristram Bogart
Raymi Dyskant
13 0 0
1998 Tristram Bogart
Raymi Dyskant
Simos Papanas
77 Raymi Dyskant 14 11 1

Note: In 1972, Oberlin's team ranked second nationally!


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