OCOPE has moved to Blackboard!

Blackboard and OCOPE

  1. Log onto Blackboard.

    There are two ways to get to the Blackboard site:

  2. Type in your Username and Password.   These are the same as your login for your Obie email account.
  3. Once logged in you will see OCOPE under "My Organizations", click on "OCOPE".
  4. On the left of the screen you will see several buttons.   They are relatively self-explanatory.   Two new items available to OCOPE members are:
    • Email
    • Open Discussion

    Email:   You will have two options:   "All Leader Users" which would be the Executive Board and the Webmaster (individuals who have authority to update the OCOPE Blackboard site) and "Select Groups" which would be groups such as Bylaws Committee, Executive Board, Trustees, etc.   There is no option to send to the entire membership.   If you would like to communicate with the entire membership you should go to "Open Discussion".

    Open Discussion:   There are directions on how to get started already on this page.   Basically you just click "New Entry" and follow the directions.   It will be up to individual members to log onto Blackboard to read what other members have posted.   This is a good forum for discussing issues and eliminating the need to email the entire membership using our Oberlin email accounts.

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