Listening/Viewing Room

Oberlin Percussion Group on Youtube

  • OPG Concert- April 14, 2009: CONCERT
  • Village Burial by James Wood:WOOD
  • Ionisation by Edgar Varese:VARESE
  • Piledriver by Richard McCandless: MCCANDLESS
  • Rotativa by Giacinto Scelsi: SCELSI
  • Parade by Guo Wen Geng: WENGENG
  • Bulgarian Cocktail by Kosio Dobroykov: DOBROYKOV
  • Living Room Music by John Cage: CAGE
  • For O, for O, the Hobbyhorse is Forgot: BIRTWISTLE
  • Ti-re Ti-ki Dha by James Dillon: DILLON
  • Livre de Claviers by Phillip Manoury: MANOURY
  • Khan Variations by Alejandro Vinao: VINAO
  • Dies Irae from Verdi Requiem: VERDI
  • Loops IV by Phillipe Hurel: HUREL
  • Gigue in dm by J.S.Bach: BACH
  • Into Sleep-Duet for Vibraphone & Electronics: CHRISTIE

  • excerpt from First Construction in Metal by John Cage

    excerpt from Darkness by Franco Donatoni(American Premiere)

    Interview with Mr.Rosen

    Fall 1998 OPG Performance

    November 11, 1998
    Finney Chapel
    Oberlin Conservatory

    excerpt from Time of Drumming by John Luther Adams