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"I really like Oberlin because Professor Rosen lives in town and he's so accessable. You really get to spend a lot of time with him both in the studio and beyond" Julien Jacobs'20

" Oberlin, especially for percussionists, offers a diverse and immersive experience. Michael Rosen's method is refined and sturated with professional insight and real world experience. Jamey Haddad offers his mentorship and expertise to all in world music and jazz. This juxtaposition of classical and new music makes Oberlin an ideal place for percussionists interested in any style"Carson Fratus'17

"I love Oberlin because we are encouraged as both students and human beinings to pursue outlets of musical and academic expression"Liam Smith'18

"I'm glad I am at Oberlin because the percussion studio is like one big family."John (JT) Minor

"I love Oberlin because the opportunities to perform are endless. The composition and TIMARA programs are on the cutting edge of new music and are open to collaboration" Hunter Brown'17

"You can do whatever you want with your education and music with unending support from Rosen, the faculty and administration."Louis Pino'17

"Oberlin has a productive and supportive envirnment with a vast array of resources and a knowledable professor; this school provides an experience geared to the studnet" Kelsey Bannon'17

"I like the diversity of concentrations within the percussion studio. Everyone has a different passion and taste when it comes to music" Jackson Short'17

"Oberlin has offered me a diversity of musical experiences and sharpened my personal journey as a musician. I graduate as a double-degree student and have been offered many playing opportunities to perform with visiting ensembles such as eigth blackbird.There are opportunities for everyone here whether you are interested in classical, contemporary or jazz. Mr. Rosen will find a way to help you and encourage your focus."Dan King'16

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Upcoming Events:

 April 14, 2017 - Oberlin Percussion Group Concert @ Warner Concert Hall

Program To Be Announced


Exciting Updates about Former Students:

  • Chris Anthony'88 breaks the Guiness Record for a drum roll!
  • Jennifer Torrence'09 wins a spot at the Lucerne Festival 2009
  • Jon Hepfer'o8 wins a spot at the Lucerne Festival 2008
  • Jon is a percussionist, conductor, and concert curator specializing in avant-garde and experimental music. He began playing classical music at age 17 after discovering the work of John Cage while studying at SUNY Buffalo. Subsequently, Jonathan attended Oberlin Conservatory, UC – San Diego and the Musikhochschule Freiburg (with the support of a two-year DAAD fellowship), where he studied with Michael Rosen (craft), Steven Schick (interpretation) and Bernhard Wulff (metaphysics), respectively. Other major influences have included Jan Williams (aesthetics), Lewis Nielson (ethics), Brian Alegant (analysis), and William O’Brien (philosophy).  He is the director of the Monday Evening Concerts in Los Angeles on which he performs regularly. He is also the founder of the group Echoi and performs with red fish blue fish (percussion ensemble). Check out his website at: http://www.jonathan-hepfer.com/

  • Percussionists Raise Money for Alzheimer's Association
  • Adam Sliwinski'01 Receives 2004 ASCAP Award

  • Justin Hines'95 Performs in New York

  • Matt Jenkins'06 Wins Presser Award
  • Ross Karre'05 Wins Seat in Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra Again!
  • Jill Lichtenwalner'04 Captures Fulbright, Compares Approaches to Music History
  • Bonnie Whiting ’04 writes article for Conservatory Magazine
  • Ross Karre'05 wins Javits Fellowship