John H. Scofield

Wright 208
Voice: 440-775-8333
Fax: 440-775-6379

For regular office hours I can be found in Wright 208 or reached by telephone. If you simply need a minute of my time for, say, a routine signature, you can meet me just before or after one of my regular classes or meetings (see below).

In some cases I will schedule on-line, evening office hours using the video conferencing site Zoom. To arrange for one of these we will have to exchange emails and I will send you an email containing a link to join my video tutoring session.

Week of November 20

Monday: 11 - 11:50 AM (contact me if you need to meet in the afternoon)

Tuesday: unavailable

Wednesday: 9 -9:50 AM

Thursday: Thanksgiving Break

Friday: Thanksgiving Break

Regular Classes and Meetings

PHYS-103 Lectures, M-W-F, 10-10:50 AM, Wright 201 (Lecture Hall)

PHYS-112 Labs, W-Th, 1:30-4:30 PM, Wright 214

Physics Staff Meeting, M, 12:10-1:20 PM, Wright 102A (Seminar Room)