Oberlin College Physics 411

Fall 2017

This World Wide Web page written by Dan Styer, Oberlin College Department of Physics and Astronomy;
last updated 27 November 2017.

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Teacher: Dan Styer

Course syllabus

Problem assignments

Links and Handouts

Slabs of light (PDF)

How to start up slabs of light (PDF)

Vector calculus: Geometrical definition of divergence and curl (PDF)

More on vector calculus

The divergence of the curl is zero (PDF)

Geometrical significance of the Laplacian (PDF)

The Maxwell stress tensor (PDF)

Simulations of monopole radiation and dipole radiation.

Units in electromagnetism (PDF) (a problem)

Notes on Relativistic Dynamics (PDF)

The stress-energy four-tensor (PDF)

Michael Peskin attempts to read the mind of God.