[Picture of Barron at work] Barron Hulver

I am the Director of Networking, Operations, and Systems (NOS) within the Center for Information Technology (CIT) at Oberlin College. I lead a group of eight dedicated people responsible for LDAP directories, networking, operations, servers, and network security within CIT. I develop strategic plans, oversee major IT infrastructure projects, lead IT security assessments, and supply project budgets to the Director of CIT.

The group is responsible for a wired network connecting over 80 buildings on campus; a wireless deployment covering most of the campus; the Internet connection; VPN; and data traffic for control systems, card access systems, and other security systems. The group is also responsible for many servers supporting important IT services for the College such as ERP, web servers, wikis, software license servers, patch maintenance, monitoring, storage, and backups. The operations group handles day-to-day activities for user accounts, backups, networking support, data entry, and an 1,800 square foot data center. Network security is currently shared among everyone in the group and covers areas such as networking, centralized servers managed by CIT, and centralized directory services.

Barron Hulver
Director of Networking, Operations, and Systems
Center for Information Technology
Oberlin College
148 West College Street
Oberlin, OH  44074

Oberlin College is one of the leaders in IPv6 adoption:
Oberlin's IPv6 web page (only available via IPv6)
An IPv6 survey site

Here is a wireless map of the campus

Brief Bio

Many people probably do not know that I am a "returnee." I worked in central IT at Oberlin College from 1981 to 1990, initially supporting the operating system of the Xerox Sigma 9 computer (which means software I developed was in assembly language). Later I supported the Oberlin College DEC VAX/VMS cluster and developed utilities using C. I spent 16 years in various roles in IT infrastructure at Case Western Reserve University, a Carnegie I private research university located in Cleveland, Ohio. I returned to Oberlin in 2006 to lead the NOS group. I enjoy being back at Oberlin.

My special interests are in computer networks (especially wireless and IPv6), storage systems (SAN and NAS), and computer languages. My favorite languages today are Tcl, Perl, and C, although I dabble in languages such as Python, JavaScript, Groovy, Objective C,...