The Inventory

This list describes most of what we have, but certainly not all of it. Our gear closets contain a number of odds and ends, so if you’re looking for something (minor) that isn’t listed, shoot us an email. Also note that the quantities given here may not be available at any given time.

Borrowing Gear from Us

One of the services we provide is gear rental. Whether you’re going to Findley State Park for a single night or the Rockies for spring break, we can loan you some of the gear you’ll need. Membership is the only requirement, and there’s no cost to you, as long as you bring it back by the agreed-upon date.

Email us to reserve gear ahead of time, or just show up during office hours. (Those with large groups that need lots of gear should definitely reserve ahead of time.) When you pick up the gear, you’ll fill out an electronic form detailing your use of the gear and agreeing to a return date. Please note that participants on open trips get preference for gear rental. This is almost never an issue, with the exception of fall and spring breaks.

Gear for Open Trips

If you’re participating in an open (OCOC-sponsored) trip, you may or may not need to come borrow gear from us personally. In some cases, the trip leader(s) will take a count of what gear is needed by the trip’s participants and bring it themselves, but this isn’t always the case. Consult your trip leader to be sure!

The Rental Agreement

Whether you'r going on your own adventures or participating in an OCOC-sponsored trip, you’ll have to agree to some basic terms and conditions before you can borrow gear from us. Here they are for reference; you’ll have another chance to look them over when you fill out the form in the office:

I, the undersigned, do hereby promise to adhere to the terms of the Oberlin College Outings Club Equipment Rental Policy, as stated below. The renter takes full responsibility for the equipment rented in his/her name from the Oberlin College Outings Club. The Outings Club assumes no responsibility for the gear or its performance, nor will the club be held liable for any personal injury resulting from use, proper or improper, of the gear. The renter will return the rented equipment to the Oberlin Outings Club Gear Closet at the pre-appointed time (below).

Failure to return equipment on time will result in the following: 1st Week – $5.00 fee per item 2nd Week – An additional $5.00 per item 3rd Week – Full replacement costs will be charged to the renter’ s Oberlin College account, and the renter’ s Outings Club Membership will be suspended for one full semester, pending review by OCOC officers. The renter will return all equipment in the same condition in which it was rented. If equipment is returned damaged (i.e. broken mechanism, missing parts, ripped material), the renter will be charged a repair cost, not less than $10.00 and not exceeding the cost of replacement. In the case of lost or un-repairable equipment, the full replacement cost will be charged to the renter’ s Oberlin College account. The renter always has the option to pay any repair/replacement costs outright and avoid having their account billed. The renter(s) will return all equipment in a clean and dry condition. If equipment is returned in less than a clean and dry condition, a cleaning fee of $10.00 will be charged to the renter’ s account. Cookware and utensils should be scrubbed clean with soap. All other equipment should be brushed and scrubbed clean, but not laundered. The renter agrees to commit no less than half an hour to the equipment return process, which will take place with an Outings Club Officer. This agreement and form will be approved by an Outings Club officer before gear is dispensed to participants.