The Oberlin College Disc Golf Course

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The Bangor-Wallace Memorial Disc Golf Course has a long and storied history. Disc golf has been played at Oberlin for many years, and the course was first layed out by Ben "Bangor" Garthwait and David Wallace in the fall of 1994. They also established many of the key rules used in regulation play. It has gone through numerous incarnations as the years have changed the layout of the campus. At its height, it was composed of both North Campus and South Campus segments, each sporting 18 challenging holes. The South Campus course has been since lost, mostly as a result of the Adam Lewis Environmental Studies Center being located in the middle of the course. Since then, the traditional North Campus BW Course has been used extensively. Unfortunately the construction associated with the new science center has removed a few key holes. This was the impetus for the creation of a new slightly altered course, known locally as the "Merchant Course". It has been rapidly adopted and is the course of choice for competitive golfers

B. Rady
Brady working his magic
(pictured to the right, photo by Mike Dwyer).

In line with its past, a tournament is thrown on the course every few years. The tournament was first played in May 1998, and is named after the founder of the tournament B. Rady. Usually held after the O.M.I.T tourney in mid-May, the B. Rady tournament gives the local golfers a chance to compete for the pride of becoming the number one campus golfer. Also included is a chance to recieve a Brady number of "1"...




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