The Afro-Brazilian martial art form Capoeira is a combination of dance, resistance, and cultural expression. Though the art has many different forms, the form we practice at Oberlin College is  Capoeira Angola. Our lineage here at Oberlin College comes directly form Capoeira master, Vicente Ferreira Pastinha Capoiera (1889-1981).
Oberlin College’s history with Capoeira Angola has come a long way, starting with the college’s introduction to the art form by Professor Miriam Adenike Sharpley and Oberlin Alum, Eric “Chicago” Murray,  to present day with visiting Professor Justin Emeka and our student group, Oberlin Capoeira Angola.

(Oberlin College Capoeira Angola Class, 2007?)

Capoeira Angola is a multiform phenomenon. It draws elements from dance, fight, ritual, and musical performance. It is a person's way of defense, and it is also a form of entertainment. This is shown by some of the words used to refer to it, such as "brincadeira" or "vadiação", meaning merriment, entertainment; traditionally, it was also played by individuals when they were on break from, namely sailors and dock laborers.  
(Mestre Pastinha with rythmic instrument, berimbau)

 The roda is a place for capoeiristas to come together and play, while accompanied by instruments and songs. The interaction between capoeiristas during games can be seen as physical conversations, where their bodies move to the rhythmn of music.

Contact info:

Visting Professor Justin Emeka

Oberlin Capoeira Angola -
Chairs: Morgan Yang - & Joe Blasher -
Treasurer: Nina Goepfert -
Secretary: Amalia Zeidman ->,
Liaison: Julie Haddad -

(Reknowned Mestre Joao Grande and
Mestre Joao Pequeno playing on a dock.)

Spring 2010 Training Schedule:










Basic Training

Warner, studio 3


9-11 am

Capoeira Angola Group Project

South studio



Portuguese/ Song Class




Capoeira Angola

Group Project

South studio


*4:30 - 6
Training, Games & Rodina

Warner, studio 3




Music & Movement

Warner, studio 3


* Open trainings, all are welcome!  Please wear long pants, a t-shirt and rubber soled shoes.  

Spring events:

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