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External Condoms

Unfortunately, we will not be able to stock Durex brand condoms in the future.


atl Extremely elastic
Price: $0.06

Atlas Colors

atlascolor Colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
Price: $0.07

Beyond Seven Aloe

bsaloe 4X lubrication! Aloe enriched, designed to prevent irritation
Sheerlon Latex, Super thin
Price: $0.11

Beyond Seven Lite Lube

bslitelube Sheerlon Latex
Super thin
Price: $0.08

Beyond Seven Studded

bsstudded Sheerlon Latex
Super thin
Price: $0.09


crown The #1 condom choice of the porn industry
Price: $0.08

Kimono Microthin

Kmicrothin One of our most popular condoms
Price: $0.10

Kimono Maxx

kmaxx A little extra room
Price: $0.10

Kimono Microthin Large

KmicrothinLG Thin condom with a larger ring
Price: $0.22

Kimono Textured

kimonotextured Provides different sensations
Price: $0.21

Kimono Special

kimonospecial More head room
Price: $0.08

LifeStyles Extra Strength

lifestyleses Provides extra thickness but still allows for sensation
Price: $0.08

LifeStyles Non-Latex

lifestylesNL Good for those with latex allergies!
Price: $0.33

LifeStyles Pleasure Shaped

lifestylesPS Different shape for more stimulation
Price: $0.10

LifeStyles Pleasure Tipped

lifestylesPT More room at the tip for more stimulation
Price: $0.08

LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure

lifestylesribbed Textured condom for increased stimulation
Price: $0.08

LifeStyles Snugger Fit

lifestylesSF A tighter fit in a popular brand
Price: $0.10

LifeStyles Ultra Lubricated

lifestylesUL More lube for a smoother sensation
Price: $0.10

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive

lifestylesUL Thinner condom
Price: $0.10

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Non-Lubed

lifestylesUL Thinner condom without lube
Price: $0.10

LifeStyles XL King Size

lifestylesUL Larger fit condom in a popular brand
Price: $0.10

One Colors

onecolor Comes in ten colors!
Price: $0.09

One Legend

onelegend Larger fit!
Price: $0.09

One Pleasure Plus

onepleasureplus Has a shaped tip for added sensations
Price: $0.011

One 576 Sensations

one576 Studded for texture
Price: $0.09


sweetheart Your basic condom in cute packaging
Price: $0.08

Trustex Ribbed and Studded

trustexribbedandstudded Has both ribs and studs for a combination of textures
Price: $0.07

Trustex Flavored

trustexflavors Comes in 7 flavors!
Price: $0.07

Night Light

nightlight Glow in the dark condom!
Price: $0.20

Rough Riders

roughriders Studded condom for a different sensation
Price: $0.07

Internal Condoms

Reality Female Condom

realityfemale Polyurethane sheath that's useful for any body
Price: $1.29

Dental Dams

Hot Dams

hotdam Polyurethane sheet-versatile barrier method
Price: $0.59

Finger Cots and Gloves

Finger Cots

fingercot Pack of 10 cots-protective barrier that covers the finger
Price: $0.50


glove A barrier method that covers the entire hand
Price: $0.02 (per glove)