The Organization

The Sexual Information Center as it exists today was founded in 1979 by two preexisting student organizations, the Contraceptive Co-op and the Sexual Information Center. The SIC quickly carved out a niche among the student body as an educational, welcoming and open organization and as its popularity and notoriety on campus grew so too did the services that the SIC was able to offer.

The SIC is entirely student run which allows the organization to be directly involved in the interests of the student body. As an organization we are constantly evolving; from the number of staffers to the number of workshops we do our best to change with the times and remain dedicated to our mission of sex positivity.

Safer Sex Week

Several years after its founding, the SIC began the now infamous tradition of Safer Sex Night as a student driven response to the growing incidences of sexually transmitted infections, especially HIV, among college-age students around the country. Since 2009 Safer Sex Week has evolved into an entire week of educational workshops, performances, movie screenings and discussions and the focus has changed to be a broader approach to safer sex rather than solely safer sex and STIs. The “night” itself still exists but has become a smaller dance in the ‘Sco and students must attend a Safer Sex Week event in order to attend the dance.
Over the years there have been many famous and infamous Safer Sex Night traditions including the tent of consent, twister and the rule for attire being only “nipples and genitalia covered” and while many of these traditions have come and gone Safer Sex Night and now the new Safer Sex Week have remained a highlight on the Oberlin calendar.

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