What's on our shelves?

we have a large variety of lubes, some for as little at 9 cents each!


Safe for use with all barrier methods and toys, non-staining, versatile


aglide Popular brand, thinner, slipperier texture
Price: $5.31

ID Glide

idglide Popular brand, fragrance free, slick texture
Price: $3.73 (bottle), $0.21 (10 mL pillow), $0.14 (3 mL pillow)

ID Juicy

idjuicy Comes in 6 flavors!
Price: $5.43

ID Pleasure

idpleasure Has menthol for a tingling sensation
Price: $0.19

ID Sensation

idsensation Creates a warming sensation
Price: $0.17

Liquid Silk

lsilk Thicker, smooth texture
Price: $16.46 (big bottle), $5.46 (small bottle)


maximus Thick, slick texture
Price: $16.46 (big bottle), $5.46 (small bottle)

One Oasis

oneoasis Convenient amount and package of your basic water-based lube
Price: $0.09


probe Thick texture, doesn't dry out quickly
Price: $9.95 (big bottle), $4.95 (small bottle)


sliquid Slick texture, glycerin and paraben free!
Price: $8.46

Wet Original

wetorig Silky texture, long-lasting
Price: $2.57 (bottle), $0.16 (pillow)

Wet Flavor

wetflav Comes in 5 flavors!
Price: $0.23

Wet Warming

wetwarm Creates a warming sensation
Price: $0.29


Tends to have a smoother/slipperier texture and last longer than water based. Safe for use with barrier methods; will stain sheets and is not safe for use with silione toys.

ID Millennium

idmill Long-lasting, basic silicone lube
Price: $6.17 (bottle), $0.20 (pillow)

Wet Platinum

wetplat Silky texture, long-lasting
Price: $2.67 (bottle), $0.49 (pillow)


Combines silicone and water to create a unique sensation that a lot of people really enjoy. Safe for use with barrier methods, not safe for use with silicone toys. Less likely to stain than silicone-based lube.


synergy Basic combination lube
Price: $16.46 (big bottle), $4.95 (small bottle), $0.59 (pillow)

Synergy Cooling

synergycool Has a cooling effect
Price: $16.46 (big bottle), $4.95 (small bottle), $0.59 (pillow)

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