SIC Staffers offer confidential client-centered counseling to anyone who walks into our office and seeks it. We're equipped to give a wealth of information on contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections, and a wide range of topics under the umbrella of human sexuality. Furthermore, we're trained to counsel those involved in sexualized violence.
Though we do have extensive training and are very well prepared to offer one to two-time counseling sessions, we are students and do not have the training or resources for longer-term therapy sessions. We offer counseling during all of our office hours.

Confidentiality + Duty to Report

All of our counseling sessions operate under the understanding that what is said in the office, stays in the office. We treat clients with the utmost respect and seek to offer information, normalization, and validation to the best of our ability.
There are always two staffers scheduled per a shift of office hours. If a client wishes to speak to a staffer in a more private location, the staffer can easily talk to the client in an available room in Wilder.
All students and faculty of Oberlin College, with the notable exceptions of health care professionals and clergy members, are obligated to fulfill the Duty to Report. This means that if a client speaks of a situation in which they or someone they know has been sexually assaulted, we are obligated to report the incident. However, if a client does not (for whatever reason) want to have his/her/zir situation reported to a higher authority, staffers may ask that the client speaks in hypotheticals rather than naming specific people and places.

The SExCo

The SExCo is a course offered in the Experimental College Department and is taught by SIC staffers every semester. The SExCo is a comprehensive sex and sexual health education course that focuses on sex positivity. Students can take the SExCo for up to two credits when combined with the counseling role play classes and is also the first step in becoming a staffer at the SIC! The SExCO comtinues to be among the most popular ExCo's semester after semester and because of this we are now offering Going Deeper: SExCo II which is geared towards deeper discussion of topics only just mentioned briefly in the SExCo.

Workshops and Majigs

Throughout the semester we offer workshops such as Safer Sex 101, Talking about Asexuality: How to be an Ally, A Guide to Contraceptives, Threesomes, foresomes, and moresomes, Kinky Crafts, BDSM 101, Sex and Sustainability, and many more!
Workshops and Majigs are offered at least once a week. Check out our facebook page for updates!

Find us for counseling!

Wilder Student Union
Room 203
135 W. Lorain Street
Oberlin, OH 44074

Monday: 4-6pm, 8-10pm
Tuesday: 4-6pm, 8-10pm
Wednesday: 4-6pm, 8-10pm
Thursday: 4-6pm, 8-10pm
Friday: 4-6pm
Saturday: 4-6pm
Sunday: 4-6pm, 8-10pm

Schedule An Appointment
Instant Message: oberlinsic
Office Phone: 440.775.8135

Emergency Contact: (TBA for Fall, 2013)

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Feel free to come in during any hours, call us, or send us a message on any of our electronic media! (psst, check out our contact us page)

Course Materials

SExCo Syllabus

Going Deeper Syllabus