Pictured (left to right): Ben Plaut, Brandon Brown, Sophie Hess, Dani Rinat, Uma Venkatraman (abroad), Kaitlyn Custer (abroad), Sarah MacFadden (abroad), Alexa Marshall, Ronni Getz, Sonrisa Alter (abroad), Sammy Paltrow

Returning from abroad (not pictured): Sophia Durant, Juli Ruoff, Julia McIntyre

New staffers (not pictured): Jolie Defeis (abroad), Lily Stoner, Hannah Wolfe, Caity Dekker, Pablo Cerdera, Sophie Meade, Diana Dover, Maya Wergeles

Looks like a fun bunch...right?

We like to think we are! Come by and say hi! We'd love to talk to you, answer any questions you may have, and just hang out in the office. So stop by! If you have any more specific topics you want to explore with us, check out particiular areas of interest by office hours!

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