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<< Front page News October 8, 2004

Students return to NORML

Drug traffic, legalization of marijuana for adults and hydroponic cultivation were the main points of discussion on the second ever meeting of the Oberlin College chapter for the National Organization Reform of Marijuana Laws. The meeting took place last Monday and was well-attended by former and new supporters of the organization.

The OC NORML was founded in 1996. The last event of the organization before the meeting last Monday was the smoke-out style rally that was held on April 20, 2003 on Tappan Square.

Another past event, said sophomore Xander Quine, former OC NORML liaison, was the organized OC NORML panel discussion in Wilder on Oberlin’s marijuana laws, on which local police, local attorneys and former Associate Dean of Students Bill Stackman discussed issues pertaining to OC NORML.

This year, however, much more appears to be on the horizon at OC NORML, sophomore Benjamin Lowenstein, along with a core group of dedicated followers renewed the charter and vowed to bring attention to the cause of legalization of marijuana for adults and to try to “get the College to say that marijuana enforcement is their lowest priority.”

NORML members pointed out the huge amount of drug trafficking that goes on at Oberlin due to the demand created by so many students and the supply created by high drug prices which he attributed to the war on drugs.

Another question that was raised was the fact that organizations like Safety and Security, the administration and the police, are winning the marijuana award because they’ve driven prices up to the point where alcohol has become the drug of choice.

Lowenstein and other group members agreed but decided to start the semester off with a showing of the 1936 propaganda film Reefer Madness to raise awareness before even bigger events.

“Plan on seeing a workshop on hydroponic growing, a workshop on vaporizer building and some speakers on campus,” Lowenstein said. “We’re trying for Dennis Kucinich.”

Among other events on the calendar of the organization are drum circles and a 4/20 music and awareness festival.

“We’re also planning an event for parents’ weekend to educate parents about marijuana,” Lowenstein added.

The second issue of the Dank Digest, the OC NORML official newsletter, was also sent out this week. The e-mailed newsletter had sections entitled “On campus update,” which listed group projects and progress, as well as “Marijuana fact of the week” and “Update!!! News from the front” from NORML’s national website.


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