The Oberlin Review
March 5, 2004

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Legal tensions in Union St. talks

With both sides wary of upcoming Union Street housing vote in mid-January, tensions flared between city and College officials as each accused one-another of demanding a "quid pro quo" or an implied exchange of favors to secure the outcome of the city councils's vote.

Obies march for theatre space

At Thursday's open trustees meeting more than 50 students showed up to voice their discontent with the current state of performance space at Oberlin and demanded the imediate construction of new theatre space

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Tomasevic takes unusual path

Bosko overcomes many hurdles for successful career.

Men's Tennis still undefeated

The Oberlin men's tennis team has started the season in an impressive fashion, beating up on Otterbein College and Ohio Wesleyan University over the weekend.

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Black Musicians Guild pays tribute to Miles Davis

Eclectic program closes Black History Month

Caine reworks Beehoven

Pianist and composer Uri Caine is one of an increasing number of musicians who are not reluctant to cross traditional musical boundaries.

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