<< Front page Commentary May 14, 2004

Group thanks OC students

To the Editors:

We at Family Planning Services of Lorain County are thankful for all the help we have received this past school year from the following students and alumnae of Oberlin:

Emily Alexander, Miriam Drapkin, Miriam Elfstrom, Lindsey Gauzza, Sarah Johnson, Sophie Joslin-Roher, Tessa Levine-Sauerhoff, Mary Beth McCalla OC ’43), Meredith Meier OC ’02, Yolanda Olsen, Maggie Raife, Andria Ryall, Andrea Smith, Adam Sorkin, Sarah Steinfeld, Tessa Stevens, Nell Timreck, Rachel Weidenfeld and Anna Wolfson.

These volunteers have donated anywhere from a day’s work to coming in weekly for the entire school year, working in the clinic and educating in the community. We appreciate all their help and will miss those of you who will be graduating.

If anyone is interested in the volunteer opportunities that Family Planning has to offer you can email info@familyplanningservices or call the clinic at 322-7526.

A volunteer appreciation celebration will be held for these volunteers at the Edmonia Lewis Center on Thursday, May 20 at 5 p.m. We hope to see you all there to thank you in person for all the work you have donated this past year. Thank you!

–Sharon Alaimo
Clinic Coordinator
Family Planning Services
of Lorain County
–Sarah Colvario
OC ‘03
Education & Outreach Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Family Planning Services
of Lorain County


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