<< Front page Commentary May 14, 2004

Editor thankful for concern

After four years here at Oberlin, I had the opinion that security RAs and RDs were a necessary evil, busting students for underage drinking, smoking too close to the building, etc.

However, this evening has proven otherwise. Proven that they are here, after all, to help us — students. You see, I had surgery on my knee today to repair a torn meniscus and torn cartilage, forcing me to be very out of it from the medicine and anesthesia as well as on crutches for the next four weeks.

Getting back to my room had been a concern, as movement was excruciatingly painful following the surgery. Fortunately, a female security sergeant whose name I do not know allowed me to enter through the back door of Dascomb so as to limit how far I had to go, opened doors for me, and in general, did all she could to help me.

Last I checked, this was not a duty of a security sergeant. Nonetheless, it was done and I am grateful. After a good two hours spent by myself in bed, wondering what life was doing to me, the South/Fairchild RD called me on the phone simply to ask how I was doing and whether I needed anything. Unfortunately, I can’t remember her name either. (Thank you Vicodin). This is why I am thanking them both in a public forum.

Four years spent running from security at parties and hiding booze and candles from RDs can taint a man’s perspective. Today, however, I am fortunate that such people exist. Thank you to the two women whose names I can’t remember and whose kindness I can’t forget.


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