The Oberlin Review
November 11, 2005

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Voters Reject Living Wage

After months of bitter dispute over semantics and unrelenting campaigning, through means varying from community forums to an inflatable rat, on Tuesday, Oberlin ultimately rejected the Living Wage charter amendment...

Ashenhurst and Mealy Elected to City Council

At the elections on Nov. 8, the intense competition for school board seats contrasted sharply with the uncontested city council election.

Also in news:
Campus Disturbed by Violent Attacks
Handicapped Students Find Challenges
Symposium Teaches Conflict Resolution
Panel Dissects the SOA and its Protests
Speaker Says Post-9/11 Prejudices Still Remain
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Mini-Course
Public Forum is Strategic Plan Progress Report
Inmates Tell Their Stories
State Referenda Fail, Oberlin Levies Pass
Speaker Dissects “Republican War on Science”

Science: Weekend Computer Party
Off the Cuff: Samantha Schongalla
This Week in Oberlin History:
   Escaped Inmate Receives Oberlin-style Compassion


Field Hockey Makes History

“It’s a natural high, knowing we made history,” beamed first-year Holly Sloofman when asked about the past week’s events.

Swimming Makes Splash

Currently, the Oberlin College men’s and women’s swimming and diving squads are unstoppable.

Also in sports:
Cross Country Women Have High NCAA Hopes (Newsbrief)
Outside Oberlin: Think You Know B-ball?
Yeomen Fall Due to Stingy OWU Defensive play
In the Locker Room with Meg Reitz and Jessie Oram


Music Ensemble Conquers Contemporary Pieces

Crowds turned out in large numbers to Warner Concert Hall Thursday night to hear the prestigious Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble’s program of works by living Hungarian composer Gyorgi Ligeti.

Boredom Gets More Than Giggles

The new semi-improvised comedy, Boredom, had been pre-filed in my mind under that tired category of “been done before.” I sat down and thought, yep. It’s all there.

Also in arts:
Turovsky Art Challenges Eyes and Ears as Backdrop
Orchestra Dazzles Audience
OJE keeps swinging under baton of Marcus Belgrave
Japanther duo receives Recognition Past its home
Turovsky Leads Famed I Musici de Montreal
Short Cuts: Unrecovered, Squid, Whale.
Wanton Distraction: Blog as public/private expression
O Style: A trendy discussion


Editorial: The Bubble is Not Bulletproof
Obie On The Street: Allison Hourcade
Antics by G. Miller