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April 8, 2005

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Prospies denied entrance to co-ops

Oberlin’s co-ops have always embodied the progressive values and spirit that the College prizes, but with new concerns from the Office of Admissions, prospective students may not have an opportunity to experience the long-lived Oberlin Student Cooperative Association tradition.

MacKay named new provost

Professor of Philosophy Alfred MacKay will assume the position of provost on July 1 when Clayton Koppes resigns from the position, President Nancy Dye announced in a letter to the Oberlin community this week.

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Off the Cuff: Bill Miller


Tennis supremacy challenged in recent games

On the way back from Spring Break, in Hilton Head the men’s lacrosse team stopped by Philadelphia, PA just long enough to pick up their first win of the season against Neumann College.

Men’s lacrosse earns their second straight win

This past weekend, both the men’s and women’s tennis teams tasted their first milky gulp of competition and asserted dominance yet again by keeping it down.

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Time is running out to view CMA’s masterworks

“[The museum] has one of the best collections of South Asian sculpture in the world, outside of India,” said art history professor William Hood of the Cleveland Museum of Art to students in his intro art history course.

Japanese traditional music opens ears and minds in classical recital

Snaps, twangs, bobbing heads, escaping air, bending pitches and hiccupping melodies are techniques practically forbidden in the Western Common Practice period. It is these practices, however, that compose the sonorities of Japanís most fruitful musical era, the Edo period.

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