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September 16, 2005

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Wal-Mart marches on amidst rising tensions

One of the first things both new and returning students wondered when they arrived at Oberlin this fall was, “What’s a big inflatable rat doing in front of Stevenson?”

Union St. affects landlords

While over 100 students worried about when they could move into their rooms in the new Union Street houses this fall, many local landlords worried about how they will fill the vacancies that the new housing has created.

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Yeowomen field hockey continues hot streak

The Oberlin College Women’s field hockey team’s determination and effort were again evident this week as the NCAC season finally got underway.

Women’s soccer remains optimistic

The Oberlin College women’s soccer team experienced a tough loss to Mount St. Joseph College last week in a 6-1 match Sunday afternoon.

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Xiu Xiu performance electrifies devoted fans

Usually it’s Jamie Stewart and company who are the subjects of bewilderment, with lyrics highlighted by disconcerting details, proper names and disturbing topics — not to mention meticulous arrangements encompassing elements of Indonesian music, dance-pop and modern composition, among other genres.

Fulkerson Plays with Class

The lights of Finney had already been dimmed as audience members filtered in on Thursday night to hear Oberlin violin professor Gregory Fulkerson’s solo recital.

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