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<< Front page News December 1, 2006

Oberlin Ranks Top Ten in PETA Poll

Three weeks ago the Review reported that Oberlin had made it onto the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals’ 30-school list of most vegetarian and vegan-friendly campuses. The final tally is in: Oberlin has ranked sixth nationwide.

The PETA website lists the top 10 but only comments on the size of campus vegetarian populations for its entry on Oberlin. It says, “It may be in the middle of Ohio, but estimates put the vegetarian population of the school at 40 percent. Meat-eaters, watch your back!”

The results were based on polling data from thousands of college students across the country. The fact that so many schools have successfully incorporated vegetarian and vegan menu options into their dining programs, according to Heather Carlson,  Media Coordinator for, demonstrates major ground gained, not only for the organization, but for college students in general.

“Just a decade ago, students who demanded vegan options in school dining halls might have gone hungry before they found a decent meal,” said Carlson in a press release announcing the results. “But thanks to schools like Oberlin, eating healthfully and humanely has never been easier — or more delicious.”

Occupying the top five positions were Indiana University-Bloomington, Humboldt State University, University of Puget Sound, Yale University and State University of New York-Purchase. Ranked after Oberlin but still in the top ten were New York University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania and University of Florida.


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