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<< Front page News December 8, 2006

Students Talk to Trustees

A smaller-than-usual group of students gathered at the Trustees’ Open Forum Thursday evening to ask questions, give suggestions and share ideas.

The largest number of students who came were there to support and encourage the College’s measures towards environmental sustainability and achieving climate neutrality.

Senior Morgan Pitts began by updating the Trustees on the recent efforts of The Lightbulb Brigade and the culmination of its corresponding art installation in the Adam Joseph Lewis Center.

Trustees responded that the issue was one of high priority to the school.

Bob Frascino OC ’74 said, “There is a lot to be said for the community/grassroots efforts students make,” he said. “Keep coming up with ideas exactly like what you are coming up with.”

A smaller group came to inform the trustees of the “Sustainability” theme house they are organizing for next fall. This residence will house eight people, and be retrofitted to keep up-to-date with environmental stability.

Two organizers of the Arts Collective also spoke to gain support for their endeavor in creating a student-run art space akin to the Bike and Pottery Co-ops. The space would include roughly 20 private studios for College and Community artists in addition to a larger open area.

“Right now we have a very large movement on campus,” said sophomore and organizer Hannah Vaughan, adding that the issue will be placed on the upcoming senate referendum.

The problem that the organizers are currently facing is one of space — the College has no building on campus to provide the group. While the group would like to find a space off-campus, the College cannot easily fund rent of an off-campus building.

Junior David Huck spoke about OSCA relations with the college, saying that many students complain about the lack of transparency between the College and OSCA. He suggested that one way to improve transparency would be to provide students with itemized bills at the end of each term.


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