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In the Locker Room: Kate Boyd
Kate Boyd

Kate Boyd, senior co-captain of Oberlin’s Swimming and Diving Team, performed well at the College of Wooster three-day swim meet held last weekend. She finished just short of making an all-time top five time in the 200 butterfly event, proving that the team isn’t letting the recent fire in the locker rooms get them down. Despite changing into their swimsuits back in their dorm rooms rather than the locker room and saying goodbye to their beloved sauna, the team is looking forward to the rest of their season and their next home meet on Jan. 12, 2007.

Sarah: So, this week’s “In the Locker Room” can’t be held in the actual locker room because it’s burned down. How’s the swim team doing without a locker room?
Kate: Well, Sarah, it’s been a struggle. We went away for Thanksgiving, we got some e-mails saying that there had been a fire, and we didn’t know what was going on. Then we found out that the sauna and the handicap bathroom had burned down, and that the varsity locker rooms were no longer in use. Then on Monday, when we came back, we got to go into the locker room to get our things.

SH: What does it look like?
KB: Well, the light fixtures were all melted, and it was really dark and creepy. None of the lights worked, so we had to use our cell phones’ lights to get our things from our locker.

SH: I’ve heard it described as looking like hell.

KB: Well, in fact, without a sauna, aren’t we all in hell? R.I.P. Sauna! I’m just not the same without my sauna. There’s no point in swimming anymore. The sauna was such a good place to meet middle-aged men. It became my scene, and I’m not sure what I’ll be doing without it now.

SH: But the swimming pool itself isn’t damaged?
KB: No, no. The swimming pool is fine. Maybe a little bit warmer than usual but nothing to worry at.

SH: Where are you getting dressed for practice now?
KB: It’s a transition. I get dressed at my house, some people get dressed in their dorms. We walk to practice in our swimsuits. The real problem is that after practice, when you are wet. We can’t shower and dress in the gym. Our hair and swimsuits sometimes freeze during the walk home.

SH: So what are they doing to remedy the situation?
KB: Well, today we couldn’t get into the locker rooms at all. Usually we’re allowed in to pee or whatever. But today, they were testing chemical levels or something, and they are saying that the locker rooms will be fixed soon.

SH: Is this disrupting the swim meet schedule?
KB: Fortunately, we won’t have any until Jan. 13. By then, we are hoping that everything will be fixed.

SH: How’s the swim team looking? Undeterred by the fiasco?
KB: Oh, we’re resilient. We’re staying strong. We really showed our resolve at the Wooster meet.

SH: Of course! How did the Wooster meet go for the OC Swim Team?

KB: It was good. We had a good time. I think everyone did really well.

SH: And under new leadership, how does the team look for the remainder of your long season?
KB: Ah, yes. With the rise of Coach Mark Fino, OC Swimming and Diving looks great. We had a rocky start, but now we are getting into the groove, and our hard work looks like it is paying off.

SH: You have enough teammates?
KB: Yeah, we have enough girls, but we’re a little short on boys. There are only five.

SH: And isn’t one a diver?
KB: Well, there are six if you include Corey. You know Corey was mentioned in last week’s “In The Locker Room.” He does have a really nice butt, too. [First-year] Dan Holm has a notable butt. Oberlin swimmers are known for their butts.

SH: So, why do swimmers get the long coats?
KB: Oh, you mean the parka! The parkas are great, especially since we walk to and from the gym wet now. They have pseudo sheepskin on their insides. They are really warm, and when you are at a swim meet, you get in and out of the water, and it’s important to keep your body temperature from dropping. Otherwise, you’ll tighten up. You need to be loose in order to swim well.

SH: A good swimmer is loose and has a nice butt?
KB: Yes, you can tell a swimmer by their shapely butt and looseness.

SH: So next meet is Jan. 13, 2007?
KB: Yes, if you are here for Winter Term, come to the meet! You can get your spirit card punched too. But, they’ll punch you only if you stay for the 1,000th. It’s the second event, so you have to stay at least 15 minutes to get your spirit card punched.

SH: And we can see you!
KB: I am a distance swimmer. I do the freestyle, the butterfly and the medley. I love distance because I have a lot of slow twitch muscles.


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