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<< Front page Commentary September 28, 2007

Staff Box: Voter Registration Tips

Though the 2007 local elections are overshadowed by the looming presidential campaign, students and other citizens should still be prepared to vote. On the local level, there is a city council race that will address key issues such as constructing a new coal power station or investing in alternative energy and tax levies that aim to be more equitable by taxing income more and property less. Statewide, there is the potential for voters to mandate paid sick days for Ohio’s workers and decide what some consider to be the most important issue of all, whether or not strip club patrons can touch the “performers.”

In order to weigh in on these burning questions, though, you must be registered and ready to vote. By early next week, students should receive a packet paid for by the President’s Office that will include a voter registration form and a form to request to vote by mail. These forms will be preprinted so the only thing left to do is add your signature and the last four digits of your social security number. New students and people living in new residences should complete these forms and everyone should be sure to request a mail-in ballot since it is the easiest, most reliable and, thanks to onerous ID requirements at polling stations, the only way people will be able to vote effectively. Once completed, the forms can be dropped off at a special box at the Wilder desk or with volunteers stationed at tables near the mail room.

A campus-wide e-mail will go out announcing the arrival of the voter registration forms. People with questions should contact obervoter@

-Brian Pugh


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