The Oberlin Review
November 16, 2007

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Oberlin Mocks Conventional Democracy

This past Sunday, students, professors and parents took part in this Oberlin tradition by voting for Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson at the Democratic Mock Convention.

Oberlin Teen Shot by Peer

Last Saturday, Nov. 9, gun violence sent one Oberlin teenager to the hospital and led to the arrest of another.

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Dascomb Meal Takeout Program Takes Off


Yeomen Outlast Allegheny

The Oberlin football team finished their regular season this past Parents’ Weekend with an exciting finale.

Tireless Work Ethic Key to Johnson's Success

In the middle of last week’s six-kilometer National Collegiate Athletic Association Regional Championship race, head cross country coach Ray Appenheimer shouted out to Joanna Johnson, “Eighteenth!”

Also in Sports:
Swimming Falls to Case, Sweeps Carroll
Bye-Bye, Mr. Bonds
Yeowomen Finish Fifth at Regionals, Men Nineteenth
NBA Preview: Garnett and Allen Pivotal to Celtics
Nicole Ouellet