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Yeowomen aim for top

Tennis team, under new management, dreams of Nationals

by Jeff Glickman

Mary Gibson hasn't spent much time on the tennis courts recently. Gibson, who coached the women's tennis team for two seasons, is no longer at the helm. Her slot has been filled by athletic director Don Hunsinger. "I'm having a marvelous time," Hunsinger said of his new position.

Although Gibson has not yet vacated her office, her contract has not been renewed for next year. Hunsinger has been a welcome addition to the Yeowomen's program, which has previously floundered in the middle of the conference.

"We are stronger than we were last year," said co-captain junior Bethany Pribila. "There's so much more enthusiasm."

Hunisnger coached women's tennis in 1989, and then served as men's tennis head coach for the next four seasons.

"He's really inspirational. That's part of the reason the team has a positive attitude," Pribila said.

Positive thinking abounds on the team. Hunsinger boldly predicted that the first doubles team of Pribila and captain senior Helen Kang will find a spot at Nationals this year. Pribila and Kang will also be playing at first and second singles respectively. Pribila amassed the top record in the NCAC at first singles last season, while Kang took the season off to concentrate on academics.

"I think we have the potential to go to Nationals," Kang said. "Coach is putting a little pressure on us."

Beyond the pressure of shooting for Nationals, all eight Yeowomen will have to stock up on chicken soup, incorporate vitamin C into their diets and avoid hang gliding for a couple of months. Oberlin cannot afford to lose a single player. "We defintely have to be careful about injuries," Kang said.

Two seniors, Kang and Julieta de Rio have rejoined the team after one-year absences. The team also boasts three first-years.

The Yeowomen hope to earn second place in the NCAC. In the eyes of its opponents, Kenyon College is an unbeatable force destined for top honors. The Ladies are the reigning Division III champions.

The Yeowomen begin their season Saturday against Carnegie-Mellon University.

"I am really looking forward to this season," Hunisnger said. "We can win the first three matches."

Hard serve: The Yeowomen are lookng forward to success this season. The team debuts this weekend. (file photo)


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