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Oberlin loses in triple overtime

by Dave Bechhoefer

After losing to Ohio Wesleyan University once this year already, the women's lacrosse team suffered a disheartening defeat to them again 14-13 in triple overtime.

The two teams met on Saturday at Ohio Wesleyan, and after two halves and two overtimes, the referees decided to make the game sudden death, next goal wins. It was an unorthodox call, and the advantage fell to OWU.

"We played really well, though we could've played better," co-captain senior Kayla Ennis said. "We played more aggressively and used more strategy."

The game was very physical, perhaps the most intense yet this season. First-year Kim Allen had to leave the game with a skinned and bloody nose but then came right back in to score another one of her five goals. Sophomores Amy Kremen and Katherine Roberts also scored.

Allen was chased and checked incessantly by the Battling Bishops who viewed her as the main threat on the field. OWU was given six cards for their physical play.

The team also played Allegheny College at home on Wednesday, winning 14-6. This comes as no surprise as the Yeowomen had beaten them by a similar score earlier in the season.

The team will play Ohio Wesleyan again on Friday, the third time in two weeks, in a semifinal match at Kenyon College to determine who will go to play for the NCAC championship. The winner will probably have to face Denison University, a team that is undefeated in the conference. Another Oberlin loss to Ohio Wesleyan will end the Yeowomen's season.

"It will be tough because both teams want to come out on top," Ennis said, "but we will."

"They're going to be cocky because they beat us twice," senior Priscilla Miner said, "but that doesn't mean anything. Denison beat us twice last year but we still won the championship."


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