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Ultimate Frisbee Team plays three tourneys

by Dave Bechhoefer

The men's ultimate frisbee team sent their B-team to a tournament at the University of Miami in Ohio over spring break, which resulted in the team's ranking of seventh in the nation, over the regular team's 18th place ranking.

The tournament results were 13-6 over Miami, 15-7 over Ohio Northern University, 13-4 over Kentucky University, and 13-6 over Dayton University.

Meanwhile the regular team went to an eastern tournament hosted by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. On the first day they lost to UNCW 15-10, beat Clemson University 15-5, and then lost to Appleachain State University 15-9 and Occidental College 15-9. The second day day saw wins against Indiana University, 15-11, the University of Pennsylvania, 13-10, and Princeton University, 13-7.

They then travelled to Notre Dame to beat Michigan State University 13-2 and Notre Dame 15-7 while losing 15-3 to Carleton College, all on the first day. The second day was a complete wash of victory, with a 13-6 win against St. Olaf's College, a 13-4 victory over Notre Dame's B-team, and a 13-4 defeat delivered to Macalester University.


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