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April 18, 1997
Volume 125, Number 21

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Wet weather, dry bar Fiddler in the Hall Fish out of water
The Feve's grand opening of their upstairs bar was overwhadowed by its closure. The bar is temporarily out of service because of health inspections. Copeland's The Tenderland  runs this weekend, combining traditional American music and 1950's culture. The water polo team, in spite of massive injuries, had fish-barrels full of fun at one of their few tournaments last weekend.

Quote of the Week

It wasn't really that 51 percent voted. It's that Student Senate used every means short of putting guns in people's faces and got people to vote.

Devin Theriott-Orr (Student Senator senior)
On the student referendum .

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Volume 125, Number 21, April 18, 1997

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