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Drag Ball pre-empted by Soundgarden

Oberlin's hopes of seeing its beloved Drag Ball on MTV have been dashed by Soundgarden. According to an email from the network, the time alloted to the Ball on the Week in Rock several weeks ago was pre-empted by news of Soundgarden's break-up.

Rumors that MTV would air a piece about the Drag Ball curculated after the network sent a camera to Wilder Hall staff to record the party. The arrangement had been set up by Assistant Director of the Student Union Chris Baymiller the week before Drag Ball.

According to the email, the footage recorded by senior Chris Zalla was not enough to make a very long piece for the network.

The email reads: "There was never a two-minute segment scheduled. There was not enough usable footage returned to us. We had planned to use 15 seconds during the Week in Rock, but it got canceled because of the Soundgarden breakup and there are no further plans to air it. Sorry."

The email was sent to college senior Rachel Drew who sent MTV an email asking about the schedule for airing footage of Oberlin's Ball. "I'm writing because I'm dying of curiosity," she wrote. "Will MTV be showing footage from the Drag Ball that took place at Oberlin College in Ohio?"

-Susanna Henighan


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