What do you want your professors reading?

Oberlin faculty members are presently joining reading groups to bring together professors from different disciplines. We asked people what book they would suggest for professors to read:

Brendan Cooney is a college first-year.

Siddhartha because the character Siddhartha comes to the realization in the book that you can't learn anything from teachers, and he has to seek enlightenment on his own terms.

Chapin Benninghoff is a college senior.

Everybody Poops because everyone does!

Seth Grossman is a college senior.

I would suggest anything by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., because his charming implementation of gallows humor ought to teach them volumes about the student body and their outlook on the world.

Art Ellison is a parent of an Oberlin student.

The Almanac of American Politics because it's the most realistic analysis of politics and American society. Everyone should be exposed to it because it's very important.

Andy Karlson-Weber is a college first-year.

One Hundred Years of Solitude because it's the best book I've ever read. Professors like good books too, or so I've been told.

Joel Krier is a double-degree senior.

The Call of Service by Robert Coles. It's nice and liberal, but rather insightful.

Dan Persky is a college senior.

Busy Day, Busy People because our days are so complex and we have to do so much in so little time.

Per Eisenmanis a college senior.

I'd recommend the Painted Alphabet by Diana Darling. It's a Balinese mixture of legend, myth, and contemporary. I wouldn't recommend it to young children because it's a bit lewd. But it's a good book.

Angeli Murthy is a college sophomore.

Cider House Rules, partly because it's incredibly well written. And partially because it makes you realize that the things you never thought were connected are conncected. And every action is a stepping stone to something else that's gonna happen.

Laura Iverson is a college junior.

Passion Dream Book because it's a good little fantasy escape. It gets you out of the Oberlin world.

Zach Lehrhoff is a college junior.

I'm all for Dr. Seuss.


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