Rhinos end with a thump

by Sashi Kaufman

Not so hum-drum scrum

Last Saturday, the Oberlin women's rugby team defeated John Carroll University 38 points to 20 in their final game of the season. The John Carroll team which stood-up Oberlin previously this season graciously agreed to play three 20 minute periods so that Oberlin could get as many players as possible in on the action.

The game was full of fun and fanfare with the finesse and musical stylings of the Oberlin marching band which entertained the numerous fans and players with renditions of Kokomo and the Star Wars theme song. First-year Jill "the engine" Warsett was a big fan of the band, "I just wanted to reach out and hug somebody!" said Warsett.

Fun and fanfare excluded, when the whistle blew the Longhorns, the Ruggers' A team, had their game faces on and were ready for action. They quickly took the lead thanks to the scoring finesse of Seniors Tina "watch out Stacey" Barksdale and Dana "fruit of the loom" Loeb.

Loeb scored after straight-arming half of the other team and Barksdale's try was won scrummie style. "No one was getting in her way," whimpered senior Stacey "dog years" Bailey.

The extra points were racked in by the powerful foot of sophomore Jen "balcony" Kew. At the end of the first period the Rhinos were firmly in command.

In the second period John Carroll attempted a comeback and was able to score on the Rhino B team the Shorthorns. The Shorthorns expressed their indigence by smacking John Carroll around with their tackling prowess.

Although she was penalized for dangerous play on a few isolated high tackles, first year Yolanda Lowell stood out for her intimidation of the John Carroll back line. "I don't think she's a dangerous player," said senior Becca Barnes.

College administrator Chris Baymiller also enjoyed the hard hitting Shorthorn side. "I like when they tackle people near the sidelines so I can hear that bone crunching smack," said Baymiller.

The Rhino Longhorns took the field for the third period determined to retrieve the lead and win the match. John Carroll was weary from the thumping of the Shorthorns and was no match for the complicated alcohol related play calling of the Longhorns.

"Busch, Busch, Busch!" shouted senior Tara Ikenouye as the back line executed one of their fancy switch or skip passes.

Oberlin was able to score four times in the third period including a first time try by junior flanker Dina Lee.

Sophomore Jen Kew also scored for the ruggers beating the defense around the end while sophomore Brenna Berman ran in support hollering, "With you Jen, I'm with you, I'll always be with you."

Loeb offered up her second try of the game before getting injured and senior Sashi Kaufman scored the final try while screaming hysterically, "Ruck and roll, ruck and roll!"

The match was followed by a post-game soirŽe attended by both teams, at which more creative competitions took place.

The match was a satisfying end to a season of rugby that was often frustrated by cancellations and forfeits by teams too unorganized or fearful to step up to the Oberlin rugby pitch.

Not so hum-drum scrum: The women's rugby team killed John Carroll University last week. (photo courtesy Kate Skillman)


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