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You Can Say that Again

"I felt like I definitely represented."

-Felix Brooks-Church
College Senior
On his play at April's National All-Stars bowl.

Senior co-captain David Schummers exploded for an opposite-field, three run homer in addition to an RBI double and late-inning single to keep the Yeomen competitive in their final game of the season. Tuesday's game, a 5-9 loss to Baldwin-Wallace, ended a relatively successful season for Oberlin, who finished 6-34.

Image of David Schummers

David Schummers
(photo courtesy of baseball website)

Marquee Event

In what has turned out to be a highly competitive softball season, the two league powerhouses and bitter rivals compete for the championship next Tuesday afternoon.

Mighty Bananas vs. SoCo
Intramural Softball
Tuesday, 4 p.m.


Photo of Carson Keeble
(photo courtesy baseball website)

Carson Keeble is a senior pitcher on the baseball team and an employee at the desk at Philips Gym, where we caught up with him.

So how does the upswing to end the season impact on your impression of the season as a whole?
It definitely gives me more of a feeling of accomplishment. It'll help in the future for me personally, even though I'm done with Oberlin athletics. It'll give me a better, more solid feeling.

Changing topics here, are there a lot of people that generally come through here on a Friday morning?
Not a lot of people, really. Mostly they're older faculty members coming in before work.

What sort of sports or workouts do they generally do?
Well, up until this week, the football team was coming in with the new conditioning coach on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at seven in the morning. But mostly it's just people using the track and working out.

Are you a fan of any sport in particular?
Baseball, obviously. But I've always been more of a participant than a fan. I just enjoy playing, I'm not a hard-core fan.

Are you glad of the direction that Oberlin athletics is taking?
Yeah. Since I've been here there've been some good coaching changes. Male sports have struggled, but they're on the upswing. I think a lot of that is due to coaching and administrative changes. They're building a tradition, but it's going to be hard, especially for football - they've got a long way to go. But I definitely see some positive changes.

What do you think of the addition of softball as a varsity sport?
I think it's great. Like I said, baseball is the greatest sport, and since there really isn't a place in our conference or in general for women's baseball, I think it's great to have softball as an alternative. I know a lot of women who are very excited about it.

Do you think there will be bonding between the softball and baseball teams?
I don't know, it's hard to say. I imagine there'll be some.

Do you have any advice for a first-year coming here who's going to play a sport, baseball specifically I guess, but might be discouraged?
That's a hard one. In order to not be too frustrated, you need to keep perspective. If you're playing purely to win, you'll get really frustrated. You need to keep in mind that you're just a hook on the ladder. I think things are going up, you just have to be a part of the process and see what it can be. You just have to enjoy playing; it's about the game, about playing with a group of people. It's not solely about winning.

This Week's Events

Outdoor Track & Field
Last chance meet at Baldwin Wallace today


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