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You Can Say that Again

"I do it for the children, the children."

-Adam Fuller,
senior bowler
On what keeps him going through the long practices, the hard-fought matches, the endless days on the Greyhound buses, traveling to destinations unknown.

So we might have jumped the gun a bit last week.

The junior finished first in his premier event, the 3000m steeplechase, last Saturday at the All-Ohio Championships, beating competitors from every D-III school in the state.

His time was less than four seconds away from provisionally qualifying him for NCAA nationals.

Photo of runner Dave Bevaqua

David Bevacqua
(photo courtesy of Oberlin Online)

Marquee Event

The Yeomen close the regular season at home Saturday against Alma (N.Y.). Singles and doubles matches commence at the indoor track.

Men's Tennis
Oberlin vs. Alma
Saturday, 10 a.m.

IN THE LOCKERROOM WITH...Irit Altman, Lydia Ries and Sarah Bergman

There ain't much women's lax shares, especially between senior co-captains Lydia Ries, Sarah Bergman and Irit Altman. The three shared their thoughts on skirts, lipstick and silly nicknames as the tri-captains finish off their last season here at Oberlin.

Is there a benefit to playing in skirts?
Lydia Ries: I kinda like it because when you go for a ground ball pickup you can stick your ass in someone's face.
Irit Altman: I think it's fun when Maggie's kilt falls off. They also ride up.
LR: Your butt is very exposed.

Are they actually kilts?
LR: They're pleated skirts.
IA: I think kilts are more plaid and bold and heavy and Scottish.

Does the team have any rituals?
Sarah Bergman: We have lipstick Fridays.
IA: On Fridays it's mandatory to wear lipstick in practice. We're trying to get [assistant coach] Blake [New] to.
LR: He wore a wig last time.

What's the key to the team's success over the years?
LR: We're always looking for a challenge.
SB: Yeah, we always rise up to the occasion.
LR: Our team gets along really well. If there's any problem with team dynamics, we try to work them out.
SB: We have a good mix of personalities on our team, too.

Do you guys have any cheers?
LR: Nails, cause our team is tough as nails.
IA: We kind of give one-word cheers.

Are these key words?
LR and SB: "Intensity, together, nails, let's go, come on..." (laughter)
LR: We have another "second half."

Who is the team's enforcer?
SB: We definitely go low sometimes to win.
All three: Oh, Miranda.
IA: When she was getting ready to rumble with the Regis girl.

Will Saturday's game be the first OC women's lax game to open with the national anthem?
IA: Here, I think it will be here.
SB: We've had them before but never here, live. Caleb Stokes is going to sing it.

How was this year's spring break in Colorado in comparison to last year's journey to Panama City?
IA: It was sunny and warm.
LR: We had a hot tub. [It heated up to] 70 degrees, and we got sunburned.

Are there any nicknames?
LR: We call Liz (Coach Graham) 'Lizzie'. Oh, and there's 'Silver Spoon.' That's Miranda.
SB: Blake usually makes up all the nicknames.
IA: Sleepy is Selena.
LR: And there's Brie, like Mini-Brie Mini-Me.

This Week's Events

Saturday at Ohio Wesleyan (two games) 1 p.m.

Women's Lacrosse
Saturday vs. Kenyon 1 p.m.
Tuesday, May 2 NCAC Quarterfinals TBA

Men's Lacrosse
Saturday at Medaille (Buffalo) 2 p.m.

Saturday at Hiram (two games) 1 p.m.
Sunday, April 30 at Hiram 1 p.m.
Wednesday, May 3 vs. Grove City (two games) 1 p.m.

Women's Tennis
Friday-Saturday at NCAC Tournament (Allegheny) TBA

Men's Tennis
Saturday vs. Alma 10 a.m.
Thursday, May 4-Saturday May 6 at NCAC Tournament (Denison) TBA

Outdoor Track and Field
Saturday at Baldwin-Wallace Invitational 10 a.m.
Saturday-Sunday at NCAC Multi-Event Meet (Wooster) noon

What are they talking about?

This week...


Sport: Ice Hockey; sometimes field hockey, lacrosse

What it means: To grossly stereotype, an enforcer is generally a larger, less-skilled player who provides a similar function to a football team's offensive blockers: they protect the player who's actually going to score by keeping defenders away, sometimes with less-than-sportsmanlike tactics.

In reality, enforcers actually function as more of a display of the team's physical force than actual bone-crunchers. They are there to both protect the team's best player and to tell the opposition that the team can't be pushed around.


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