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Yeobowlers Take to the Lanes Against KSU

Ah, Spring - when young hearts turn to...bowling. Yes, yes folks, the (in)famous Oberlin Unconventional Bowling tournament came in like a lion and left like a lamb - in Kent State's favor - this past Saturday.

The Oberlin Bowling team came away from the second annual OC Unconventional tournament victorious. Well, at least one of them did. First-year Andy Eveland averaged an unprecedented 234 over five games, including a near perfect 279 score which tied for the tournament's best on his way to victory.

"I think I did pretty well, considering the war wound and all," said Eveland. Five teams of five players each competed in the Sunday match, including 16 Oberlin bowlers comprising a men's, a women's and a mixed team, as well as two teams fielded by Kent State.

Oberlin went to Kent's tournament in February with disappointing results. Needless to say, they were seeking some vindication, which they got in the men's second place finish. This finish did not come easily, though, as they had to bowl two baker games against the Kent B team to qualify for the finals.

The format in the baker games, in which each of the five bowlers on the team take turns each frame, created two of the most exciting head to head matches in recent Oberlin bowling history. The Men won the first game 199 to 195 in the usually low scoring event, and had a decisive189 to 155 victory in the second game to make the finals.

While there didn't seem to be any animosity between the two teams, there did seem to be a little tension. "I don't know what happened," said senior Anne Grenon. "I was there, they were there, and the ball just well, slipped...At least no one was seriously hurt."

This action was predictable, due mainly to the absence of Kent State's famous "Sex Pin, Sex Pin, Sex Pin" cheer (for the 5-pin spare) - so prevalent during the February tournament - and the bizarre interference on the part of a celestial being. "I sucked," said first-year Chris Holbein, "but only because the sun got in my eyes."

"I would like to apologize to all my fans around the world for my despicable second game of 136," said senior Adam Fuller. "Your fan club fees will be waved for this month. I do it for the children, the children."

In the end, the entire daylong event was a growing experience. There were several shining moments, including junior Carol Rubin's all-time high score of 188, and the tough competition the Oberlin men provided during the difficult two-game semifinal Baker Games against the Kent B team.

Though the Kent A team prevailed in the finals, not coming in last was enough to feel like a victory. "It was a beautiful sight to see actual sportsmanship and skill at an Oberlin sporting event," said an observer who requested anonymity. "Maybe someday there will be OC varsity bowling...we can only hope."

Senior Jonathon Stoper is a member of the Oberlin bowling team.

Blades Host Three-Weapon Round-Robin

This past Saturday the Oberlin College Fencing Club hosted the first annual Stinkfest Tournament, an informal round-robin tourney featuring mixed competition in all three weapons. Six Flaming Blades were joined by four other fencers from Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati for the 10 hours of fencing.

Top honors went to Scott Tulleners of Columbus, who won all of his bouts. Flaming Blades captain senior Jay Gates took second place, winning 18 of his 22 bouts. Senior Josiah Wagener placed third.

The Stinkfest format is unusual because each fencer dueled every other fencer in all three weapons. At most tournaments, separate competitions are held for each of the weapons and for each gender, and round-robins are only done within the pools during the preliminary round of competition. The Stinkfest format especially gave Oberlin's burgeoning sabreurs a healthy dose of practical competitive experience.

The Fencing Club's next competition will be the Division Sectional Championships in Michigan on April 29-30, at which several Blades hope to qualify individually for Nationals.

Senior Catie Bull is a member of the Oberlin fencing team.

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