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Volume 129, Number 9                                                          November 17, 2000

College Bails Out Hospital with $2 Million Bid

Allen's First: This woman was the first person born at the Allen Memorial Hospital 74 years ago. (photo by Lea Morgenstern)

by Ben Gleason
and Christina Morgan

    Oberlin dodged another bullet this week. Earlier this week, the College put $2 million on the table in a deal to keep the Allen Memorial Hospital alive. If the deal goes through, the College will purchase the Hospital property for $2 million and then lease the property to the Community Health Partnership for $1 per year.

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Quote of the Week:

"I told Comedy Central to talk to Oberlin, see if they'd pay some and the College would pay some."

-Lewis Black

On Oberlin's resounding victory in Comedy Central's sending "Lewis Black Back to School" contest.


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Volume 129, Number 9, November 17, 2000

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