Noah Attacker Indicted: 19 year-old Wynn pleaded guilty to aggravated assult. (photo courtesy Oberlin Police Department)

Stabber Pleads Guilty, Sentenced to 12 Years

Over Winter Term, the man charged with stabbing a female student in Noah Hall in the fall of 1999 pled guilty to attempted murder and aggravated robbery, receiving a sentence of 12 years in prison with no time off for good behavior.
Taylor Wynn, 19, turned himself in to the Oberlin Police Department on Nov. 12, 1999, four days after the stabbing. According to police documents, asked to use the phone, the girl let Wynn into the room. He acted like he was using the phone, then stabbed the girl, demanding money, Later, he attempted to snap her neck. (click here for full story)

The World
SOA Name Change Protested


Oberlin has long been active in the movement to close down the School of the Americas. In the past decade, the SOAís activities have come into question as its graduates are widely believed to be responsible for numerous atrocities in Latin America.
The relationship between Oberlin and the organization called SOA Watch has become strong, and two Seniors continued their active commitment to fight the SOA over Winter Term.
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Closer Takes a Look at Modern-Day Relationships

A Little too Close?: Junior Nick Junkerman and senior Ria Cooper illustrate why Mulyran's productions is named Closer. (photo by Jessie Perlik)

Under the guidance of director and senior theater and English major Patrick Mulryan, a small group of Oberlin students produced and performed British playwright Patrick Marberís 1996 play Closer at Little Theater this week. Engineered both as a Winter Term and honors project, the performance of Marberís drama focuses on the complications of love and jealousy in contemporary relationships.
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Yeomen Capture First Road Win

It has been a goal of Oberlinís menís basketball team all year to get at least one road win.
With only two away games left in the season, the Yeomen were bound and determined to win at least one of the two. Their first opportunity to do so came last Saturday when they traveled to Indiana to take on Wabash College.
The Yeomenís determination paid off with an 87-75 win, improving their record to 7-15 and giving them their fourth conference victory.
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