Student Health Contractor Goes Bankrupt

Last weekend, Oberlinís Student Health pulled together to rescue its own life. Collegiate Healthcare, the company which technically employed all but one person working in Student Health, called unexpectedly last Thursday afternoon to announce that it was filing for bankruptcy, and would send termination letters to all its employees via overnight mail. The College has taken over running Student Health, and plans to continue until at least the end of this academic year.
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(photo by Lea Morgenstern)

The World
Korean Unification Foreign to Oberlin Students

Last week, President Bush unraveled almost all reunification prospects between North and South Korea, which were better than ever at the end of the Clinton administration.
On March 7, Bush told South Korea that he did not plan to continue talks with North Korea. Six days later, North Korea called off high-level cabinet meetings with South Korea in Seoul. And this Wednesday, North Korea issued some of its toughest warnings to the United States since reunification efforts began.

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La Cenerentola Puts Twist on Classic Tale

There arenít many mediums where a punch line can be repeated and still be as funny as the first time around. Opera is one of them, especially in the case of

(photo by Claire-Helene Merson)

Gioacchino Rossiniís comic masterpiece La Cenerentola. Not only is it a pleasant, light-hearted fare in the best of Italian opera tradition, but it serves as a virtuosic vehicle for its stars. And Oberlinís finest did not disappoint.
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Menís Lacrosse Beats Marietta In Season Opener


The Oberlin menís lacrosse team trounced Marietta, their first opponent of the season, in a convincing 11-5 victory Wednesday. 
The Yeomen have beaten Marietta consistently for the past 20 years, but this game was a quality showing of skill on the part of the Yeomen. All parts of the team played exceptionally well.
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