Five Arrested After Barnard Resident Assaulted

(photo by Areca Treon)

At 1:45 a.m. on March 17, a Barnard resident was assaulted by two masked strangers. Senior Ryan Catignani, sophomore Nicholas Walker, senior Richard Kocher and Markeith Reed were arrested on March 26 after interviews and OCID record logs obtained from Security were collected by the Oberlin Police Department. When asked by police what might have motivated the attack, “The victim mentioned he’d written an article in the paper about Zechiel,” Oberlin Chief of Police Michael Moorman said.
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The World
Jailed Activists Just Say No to Helicopter Baloney


Why were six vegans served doughnuts and baloney sandwiches? It wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, but because the Washington, D.C. jail they were spending Monday night at would not offer anything else. They weren’t arrested because of their dietary habits, but because of their protest at a conference for suppliers of Sikorsky Corporation, which manufactures Blackhawk helicopters for the U.S. military.

Springtime for Obies: Students love to cut class and lounge in Wilder Bowl on sunny days. 
(photo by Brad Coryell)

Spring Back Fuses Funk, Ballet and Modern Dance

It’s getting warmer and it’s finally time to celebrate the coming of Ohio’s finest season with the annual Spring Back Dance Concert, presented this weekend in Warner Center Main Space. Debuting seven student-choreographed and produced pieces, the concert is anything but monotonous, including several essential elements of modern dance performance: funk, ballet, postmodern drama, contact improvisation and comic relief.
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(photo by Areca Treon)

Baseball Loses A Close One in the Final Innings


The Yeomen appeared poised to win in Wednesday’s game against Case Western until Case exploded with eight runs in the last two innings to take the game 13-11. The loss dropped Oberlin’s record to 2-16. Oberlin was coming off a Spring Break trip to Ft. Myers, Fla. where they went 1-5. 
“It was a bit of a tough trip for us,” Head Coach Eric Lahetta said, “We didn’t play up to our caliber.”

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