Reinstatement of Assaulters Shameful

This past week, two students involved in the March 17 assault of a sleeping student in Barnard were expelled. Upon appeal, they were both reinstated and allowed to remain on campus, with a two-year delay in reception of their degrees (both are seniors). This act of spineless acquiescence on the part of the administration shames the College and tarnishes the degrees that it issues.
In previous editorials the Review has stressed the need for due process and for student restraint against vigilante-ism. The latter has been admirable and the former seemed to momentarily to arrive at a satisfactory verdict. But the subsequent reinstatement of the students does more than just raise questions about the administration, its asks and answers in one breath. 
By minimizing repercussions for this criminal act, the College has shown disregard for both student safety and the protection of free speech at Oberlin. That a student could physically assault a fellow student in his own room while asleep –– for freely expressed speech –– and then not only be allowed to remain on campus but also to (eventually) receive a diploma from the College destroys the principles by which Oberlin is supposedly governed.
For many Oberlin students, it is probably too late to care. Classes are ending and exams fast approaching; home and the bliss of summer beckons. For seniors, more immediate problems of where to live and how to support themselves are at the forefront of thoughts. But this disgrace must not go without comment. All students similarly outraged should e-mail or write letters to President Nancy Dye and Dean of Students Peter Goldsmith to express their discontent.

Vote on Tuesday

Next Tuesday, May 8, is election day. No, not Student Senate, the real elections. The ballot includes a number of important decisions which will effect the county, city and even College students for years to come, which is why it is imperative that all students registered to vote in Oberlin do so next Tuesday.
Perhaps the most important decision, and the one likely to personally effect the most College students, is the primary election for Oberlin Municipal Court judge. On the Democratic side, there are seven candidates, with three candidates competing for the Republican nomination. And though newspapers have traditionally been in the business of issuing endorsements, the Review will in this case defer to the better judgement of Oberlin’s students to make an informed decision themselves. To do so, however, requires the key step of actually informing oneself. Do so: read the campaign literature of the candidates, visit their websites and make an informed decision. Senior Erika Hansen in a letter in this week’s Review (see page 10) makes a good case for one of the candidates, Barry Eckstein; all Oberlin-voting students should endeavor to educate themselves as well. 
Similarly, Oberlin City Councilperson Ken Sloane in this issue (see to the right on this page) makes a strong case in support of three levies for the city of Oberlin, which the Review likewise urges students to support. Levy 18 supports the city general fund; 19 supports the state-mandated police pension fund; and 20 supports the refuse collection system.
One other major decision is on the ballot, an additional 1.8 mill tax levy to support mental retardation services and the Murray Ridge School; the Review likewise advises Oberlin students to support the measure. 
The Review understands that many students do not feel they truly are part of the Oberlin community, and thus do not feel that it is their right to register to vote here and participate in Oberlin’s politics. This is certainly understandable. However, for those students who do feel Oberlin is their home (or for those for whom it is their home) and have registered to vote here, the Review strongly urges that they exercise their democratic responsibility and go out to the polls next Tuesday, May 8. 

Editorials are the responsibility of the Review editorial board –– the Editor in Chief, Managing Editor and Perspectives Editor –– and do not necessarily reflect the view of the staff of the Review.


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