College Sued Over Alleged Drag Ball Rape
by Liz White

On Jan. 9, 2002, a court action was filed against Oberlin College by an employee using the pseudonym Jane Doe at Lorain County Common Pleas Court. The action, which was filed as a complaint for over $25,000 and demands a trial by jury, is in reference to an alleged rape that occurred last year outside Drag Ball and claims that Oberlin College was “negligent in employing and maintaining as a police and security officer a known sexual predator, namely Quinn Barbee.” The case is predicted on Doe’s claim that last April 14, Barbee, while working as a security guard for the night’s campus event, “brutally attacked and raped plaintiff causing her severe physical and emotional injury.”
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The Incendiary Power of Amour Still Alive Today

by Faith Richards

For those to whom the word “opera” conjures up the stereotypical phrase, “it isn’t over until the fat lady sings,” the historic performance of Royer’s Le Pouvoir de L’Amour at Finney Chapel last weekend, the first in nearly 200 years, must have been quite a delightful surprise. From the first notes of the overture to the final bows, the audience was swept away by the opera’s comedy and passion.
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Men’s Basketball Grabs the Gators by their Tails
by Channing Joseph

The Oberlin men’s basketball team pleased its fans this past Wednesday, Feb. 13, by defeating the Allegheny Gators with a final score of 79-65. The win placed the team at 8-15 overall and helped them to maintain their fifth place standing in the North Coast Atlantic Conference. The victory was a welcome rebound after last week’s 16-point loss to Kenyon College, potentially putting the Yeomen back on the track they seemed to be following prior to their Feb. 6 defeat, during which they had managed to pull off an impressive five-game winning streak.
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Laws Made to Prevent Hysteria

To the Editors:

When I read Benjamin Joffe-Walt’s letter, printed in the Feb. 8 edition of The Oberlin Review, I was very troubled. I am a freshman and I lack Joffe-Walt’s four years of experience with the college administration, so I have nothing comparable to the specific cases and personal experience he cites. However, some of Joffe-Walt’s ideas strike me as dangerous and ultimately undefendable.
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