Custodial Shortage Offers No Clean Solution
by Tobias Smith

With the College in the midst of a hiring freeze, the people most affected may be those that most often go unnoticed, the custodians. Of the 58 positions in existence before the freeze, only 52 are now filled, and that understaffing, compounded by a steady number of custodians on sick leave, has intensified pressure on all custodial staff members.
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The ’Sco: A Jammin’ ’70s New York Club?

by John MacDonald

One doesn’t usually associate the ’Sco with a New York City rock club, but on March 19 Montreal’s Datsuns and NYC’s own The Mooney Suzuki turned Oberlin’s one and only night spot into just that, circa 1978. Nostalgia for rock’s glory days, if it ever had any, mixed with the smell of beer and BO to create a truly strange brew, and the sweaty push and pull of the Oberlin contingent in attendance was as intoxicating as any oat soda.
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Baseball Comes From Behind, Beats Case in 10
by Colin Smith

Things are already looking better for the Oberlin baseball team. On Wednesday the Yeomen won a game that they might not have last year, defeating Case Western Reserve University, 5-4, on an RBI single by sophomore Ian Haynes in extra innings after coming from behind in the ninth.
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Athletics Are Not Brutal, Life Is

To the Editors:

Two weeks ago, Channing Joseph made the suggestions that sports are violent, brutal, and that the world may be better off without athletes.
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