Improv Weekend
by Katrin Welch

Improvisation. Those daring enough to do it, like members of Oberlin groups Primitive Streak and The Sunshine Scouts, place themselves at the mercy of audience suggestion and their own synaptic speed. It requires wits of bullets, brains of fire. If you don’t singe easily, you can witness what will surely be a comedic explosion this weekend at the second Oberlin Improvisation Conference. Professional groups and troupes from other colleges, as well as Primitive Streak and The Sunshine Scouts will be performing. And you will too, if you attend the jam session that will happen Saturday night after the pros have had their romp.
There will also be a series of workshops during the day on Friday and Saturday, offered by students from Oberlin as well as by visiting laugh riots.
In addition to the more common “this-game-is-called” type of comedic improvisation, the Conference will feature Long Form — a more theatrical form that extends scenes into stories, elaborates on particular characters and ideas for a longer period of time. The Sunshine Scouts use this form to great success.
Students interested in attending workshops need to reserve a spot as soon as possible. E-mail Jonah Mitropoulos ( for more information. Places are being filled on a first come, first served basis.

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