Practicum in Journalism

Not only is working for The Oberlin Review a great, hands-on way to learn about journalism, there is also the opportunity to earn academic credit.

Practicum in Journalism
Expository Writing 070, Jan Cooper
Meets weekly, usually Sunday afternoons in Wilder
Taught by The Oberlin Review Staff

Credit hours: 1 to 2 (up to 5 while at Oberlin, 6 if serving as an editor)

Grading: Credit/no-entry

The classes cover basic journalistic writing, reporting, editing, copyright and libel and photographic journalism. You can also learn about the design, web and business aspects of the newspaper.

For one credit: weekly class (TBA) attendance as well as at least four writing assignments throughout the semseter or one photographic assignment per issue (approximately 10 total)*

For two credits: weekly class attendance as well as at least eight writing assignments or two photographic assignments per issue (approximately 20 total)*

Other options: credit can also be given for work on other aspects of the paper inclucidng design, web, business, editing, etc. Arrangements with the course instructor should be made at the beginning of the semester.

*A photo essay may be substituted for assignments at the photo editor's discretion.

Consent from Jan Cooper in the Rehtoric and Composition Departement is required (however, enrollment is not limited), email with name, T number, OCMR and that you want to work with the Review. Consent can only be given during registration and the add/drop period.

Make sure to choose the variable hours option, once you have consent and are registered. (Otherwise you will receive no credit hours.) When you have registered you should email for course meeting times and the syllabus.

You must report your work to Jan Cooper at midterms and finals.

For more information about Practicum: Contact The Oberlin Review at, call the Review office at x8123 or contact Jan Cooper.

Other helpful information:
For information on journalism careers and internships, check out our journalism resources page.
For more general information about The Oberlin Review, check out our about us page, including our history and information on the staff.

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