International Students Angered

To the editors:

We, the undersigned international students, find the proposed closing of the dining halls for the Fall Break to be entirely unacceptable. We feel that we would be particularly affected by the negative ramifications of this decision for the following reasons:
First of all, it is generally impossible for members of the international student body to return to their homes and families for short periods of time throughout the school year.
The college ensures international students that while they reside at Oberlin, they will be provided for in terms of food and lodging during the academic terms.
Therefore, it would be unjust and unethical to shut down CDS over the breaks, at times when most of the international students stay on campus and depend on the meals provided.
Secondly, as stated in the Housing and Dining Agreement 2002-03, signed by each and every student (not only international) who resides on campus, one of the terms of services provided is the guarantee of meal service at all times, “with the exception of the December vacation and Winter break.”
Students have paid to have meals during fall and spring breaks, and if these meals are denied, these people are all entitled to a refund of their payment for those weeks.
Finally, it is intolerable for the college to change the program from what was originally agreed upon. This unexpected decision would not only cause great inconveniences for the international student community, but also negate all the work and effort from the side of Associate dean of studies Ellen Sayles and her assistants to provide adequate care for those who are far from homes and resources.
Given these reasons we expect the college to take appropriate steps to adjust this situation to accommodate the needs of the student and staff body, by either changing the decision to close the dining facilities or providing other means of refund for the services being denied.

–Yuuki Shinomiya
College sophomore

–Sarah LeBaron von Baeyer
College sophomore

–Igor Holas
College sophomore

September 27
October 4

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